Our Services

Argowave creates value for our customers through:

- Overseas Production and Procurement to reduce total costs
- Overseas Market Development to generate new revenue

Overseas Production and Procurement:

Argowave’s overseas production and procurement services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our supply chain experts can help you to address a variety of issues related to foreign production and procurement including;
  • Full OEM services including off-shore production setup
  • Management of inventory turns, logistics costs, quality assurance and process changes.
  • Enhancement of your current production and procurement strategies with validated best practices to improve your sourcing capability and realize savings in total cost of ownership
  • Identification of reliable suppliers with top-of-the-line products/services at competitive prices
  • Evaluating suppliers on manufacturing capacity, quality control, lead-time, service, and cost competitiveness;
  • Performing onsite supplier audits
  • Ordering samples and requesting tests
  • Conducting Strategic Contract Negotiations and eBidding;
  • Developing Terms & Conditions (T&C) for contract negotiations;
  • Providing support and advice on various overseas trade management including: LCC regulations, commercial laws, patent protection, risk assessment, business environment analysis; Custom and duties, Trade and Financial management
  • Logistics setup for shipping, customs and distribution channels
  • Inbound & Outbound fulfillment
Overseas Marketing and Business Development Top
If revenue growth is an important business objective for your company, Argowave can help you to achieve the goal by entering the Chinese market to enhance existing revenue streams as well as developing new ones. The essence of our marketing service is to understand your needs and then to develop an action plan to achieve your marketing objectives. Our services include:
  • Market assessment to determine opportunities and risks
  • Marketing plan development
    • Market segmentation and customer targeting
    • Value proposition of your company, product or service offerings
    • Products/services positioning
    • Selection of marketing methods from advertising, media relations, tradeshows, events, Internet marketing, direct marketing, web site building and etc.
    • Pricing strategy development
  • Manage marketing programs
  • B2B lead generation and qualifications
  • Proposal writing and presenting
The driving force in market development is to generate leads and change the leads to sales. Argowave uses clearly defined criteria to assess leads and ensure lead quality. Once a lead is identified, our business development experts can assist you to contact the potential customer to understand their level of interest and to create sales opportunities.